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We do data recovery of your files and images from computers, mobile phone, USB drives

Data Recovery Services: We Can Recover IT

data recovery reading

Can Uni Computers recover from a broken hard drive?

It depends if the components in your hard drive are still functioning, we can recover the data. When it’s mechanical damage, then we get the tools out and get to work and start the data recovery.

How much does data recovery cost?

This all depends on the level of damage to your hard drive, how important the data is. If you’re a business then this maybe critical data you need to operate your business. 

Costs for hard drive recovery can start at £300 – £600. This can increase depending on the individual cases.

Mobile phone data recovery service

Everyone is carrying a smart mobile phone, tablet or a music player. These mini computers start to develop similar issues to laptops and PC’s. 

Data issues, corrupt memory cards, mobile phones freezing. mobile devices take lot bashing due to heavy usage, getting dropped a lot. 

We provide repair services for physical damage. We have experience recovering data from memory cards, flash drives.


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